Welcome to Casa Brazil.

Casa Brazil is a non-profit organization and it’s mission is to collect funds to provide food and basic necessities to a community in Paripuera, Ceara, Brazil.

The organization has been active since 2003 and organizes and events in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. All fundraising efforts and events are conducted exclusively by volunteers.

Last December (2012) Graca Martinet went to Paripuera, Ceara , Brazil  to visit the children of Casa Brazil . Cristina Marinho, one of our volunteers, joined her there. It was a very emotional trip for both of them because they could see the difference that happened since the start of Casa Brazil ten years ago. They children are developing well not only physically but also in the area of learning. Casa Brazil also distributed 100 food baskets (cesta basica) to the local underprivileged families to help them better feed their children. Graca took time to visit the land Casa Brazil received as a donation and saw the improvements that were made there. Casa Brazil thanks you so much for all the donations that are making possible the build of our new project and having a place where the children and their parents can get fresh vegetables and learn how to cultivate the land. We are trying to raise money to build a small house where the children and their families can learn the basics of agriculture and where Casa Brazil can receive our sponsors who have the desire to know more about our mission.

Your support is greatly appreciated.