Our Causes

  • Casa Brazil, Inc. organizes fundraising events int he Phoenix area to benefit the families of Beberibe, Paripueira, Ceara, Brazil. The organization then purchases food baskets and distributes to the families.

  • Vidança provides free classes for children and teenagers in a rough area in Fortaleza, Ceará, helping them express their emotions through dance, music, and art, giving them a forum and resources for a better life and environment.

  • Our trusted and reliable volunteer representative in Fortaleza, Brazil, Danielle Dummar distributes the funds (minimum $ 1,000.00 month) to provide one hot meal a day for the over 300 underprivileged children who live in the poorest rural area south of Fortaleza, Beberibe County, called Paripuera .

    These children were the inspiration for our growth.

  • Casa Brazil donated mattresses and educational toys to the children of Garapua Day Care.

  • Casa Brazil helps o Sopao with much needed natural gas and food!

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