Special Distribution Of Funds During The Pandemic

Casa Brazil continued to provide daily meal assistance to all communities even during school closure in hopes to minimize the effects that the pandemic had on food accessibility to kids. A plan was quickly devised with the goal of providing daily meals to children and their families even when the organizations the kids attended were closed during COVID lockdowns. As the world suffers from the consequences of the pandemic, Casa Brazil is honored to help alleviate some of the burdens several families are facing with not having enough to eat. Below follows an outline of the additional help Casa Brazil has provided since April 2020.

  • Cidade De Deus – Rio De Janeiro – through Diogo Nogueira e Jota Marques
  • Rocinha – Rio De Janeiro – through Rodrigo Luz da EKR
  • Rua Da Lapa E Vilinha Feliz – Pernambuco – through Danielle Monte
  • Garapua – Bahia – through Amparo Pimentel
  • Children’s Day In Brazil – Bale Folclorico Da Bahia – through Walson (Vava) Botelho
  • Fundraiser Show – Flavio Venturini – May 30/20 – to support Casa Brazil through money donation to buy food and got a donation of 500 chocolate baskets from Cacau Show to be distributed to the children CB supports in Brazil;
  • Cacau Show Chocolate Baskets – distribution
  • Funds To Support Children In Libano – through Himaya Lebanon

Casa Brazil During the Pandemic

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