Dear Friends,

Casa Brazil Board of Directors would like to thank Don and Romana Caldwell for graciously once again opening their home to our Annual Feijoada Fundraiser Event 2015. Our Feijoada has become a tradition due to their amazing hospitality.

Casa Brazil is a non-profit organization (501 (C) 3) according to IRS rules and regulations. We assist approximately 300 children in Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil. All proceeds from this event will help us to continue providing at least one meal for each child, every day.

The Board of Casa Brazil feels very privileged to volunteer to an organization where every dollar received goes directly to the children in need, and all this work would not be possible without your help.
Our attendees enjoyed the delicious meal prepared by our amazing and most passionate chef Patricia Ribeiro and Romana Caldwell.

Casa Brazil would like to acknowledge individuals/companies that worked hard and supported this event:

  • Oscar De Las Salas for the amazing work as our MC. We have no words to express our gratitude to Oscar who always takes time from his busy schedule to help us during our events. You are an incredible person with a huge heart.
  • Micheline Etkin for working with Oscar de las Salas as our MC.
  • Helena Benchimol for donating the excellent Valet Service to our guests.
  • Michele Lombardo – for the superb Feijoada flyer.
  • Caroline Kirkland and Micheline Etkin – for the beautiful and elegant decorations.
  • Monica Carpentieri for all the work before and during the Event.
  • Cris Pena for helping with the children costume contest
  • The three judges for the Children Costume Contest. Good job.
  • Arthur Martinet and Charles Martinet for all the help before, during and after the event.
  • Isabela Lachowski for all your hard work and your flower stand
  • Mercedes Wells for you Pao de Queijo stand.
  • Paquita and all the volunteers from the bar. Excellent and professional group.
  • Valeria Robison for working at the door.
  • SambAZ for the impeccable performance.
  • Axe Capoeira for being always there for us. During 10 years Axe Capoeira performs for Casa Brazil without receive any money. Your generosity is unforgettable.
  • Charles Martinet for working as our DJ
  • Katiucia McGovern and Gabriela O’Hara – for the Brazilian Appetizers
  • All the buffet volunteers. Great job.

We would also like to express our heartfelt thanks to all of this evening’s sponsors as well as donors of our Silent Auction and raffle items.

  • AAA – Sabrina Ferreira
  • Kohl’s
  • Solution-4-Senior – Helene Gingiss and John Pinto
  • Yolanda and Kevin McAufille
  • Manuela Pagano
  • Gunther Perdomo
  • First Bank
  • Marília Baker
  • Suddenly Slimmer
  • Fogo de chão
  • Carvalho’s Brazilian Kitchen
  • Hilton Hotel – Carmem Lykos
  • Christiane Barbato
  • Teresa Noé
  • Dr. Bruce Etkin
  • Juaro Silva
  • Fabio Rodrigues
  • Dinorah Vanadia and Karen Shakman